Regular membership shall consist of all ex-students of the Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home, former employees and spouses of ex-students may also become members. Currently, membership dues are $10 per year. 

The dues are used to help fund Homecomings (held annually in September), cover the cost of this website and cover the expenses associated with operating the association.

Lifetime Memberships of $100.00/member are also available.

Current Lifetime members:

Buckley, Donald, Class of 1959
Chapman, Chuck, Class of 1979
Cole, Morris, Class of 1979
Current, Jr., Carl, Class of 1984
Gray, Fred, Class of 1953
Helms, (Nichol) Evelyn, Class of 1938
Moody, Mary Kay (Van Hook), Class of 1944
Mullett, Robert, Class of 1961
Susan Jackson - Yagher, class of 1971
Morris Cole - Class of 1979​

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Doug Jordan '82

Kathleen Coryell-Danford '51
Pam Esselborn DeGraw '73
Recording Secretary
Carolyn Skelton Phipps '53
Corresponding Secretary

Member Emeritus:
Evelyn (Nickel Helms
Class of 1938
460 East Water Street
Pendleton, IN  46064
Ph:  (765) 778-3215

​Mary Kay (Van Hook) Moody
Class of 1944
4059 Eagle Cove East Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46254 
Ph: (317) 299-3373

Sgt. At Arms:
Kathie Coryelle Danford
Class of 1951
PO Box 322
Lapel, IN  46051
Ph: (765) 278-7949

Diane & John Love
8601 Buena Avenue
Knightstown, IN  46148
Ph: (765) 345-7286

Valerie Trump
226 North Adams St.
Knightstown, IN  46148
Ph: (765) 717-0956

Bruce Trump
226 North Adams St.
Knightstown, IN  46148
Ph: (765) 717-0956

If you wish to have any news posted on our web site, please. contact Doug Jordan at:

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We are the Alumni Association from the former 
Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home 
located in Knightstown, Indiana. Our Home was 
established in 1865 and remained opened until 
May of 2009.  Our Alumni Association was 
established in 1892 and remains strong today.  

If you would like to make a donation, please 
make checks payable to:

ISSCH Alumni Association
Doug Jordan
2287 west Country Club Rd.
Connersville, In. 47331
Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about our Home, 
please fill out the contact form 
to the left and someone will 
respond within 24 hours. 
Thank you!
Mary Kay (Van Hook) Moody '44
Member Emeritus
Evelyn (Nickel) Helms~38
Member Emeritus
Val & Bruce Trump
Librarian - Historian
Diane & John Love

ISSCH Alumni Association-Contacts
The Indiana Soldiers' & Sailors' Children's Home, Knightstown, Indiana
Ed Ferguson
Vice President
Doug Jordan
2287 west Country Club Road
Connersville , Indiana 47331

Vive President
Ed Ferguson
411 N. Winters Way, Apt. 2A
Carthage, Indiana 46115

Tracy (Fish) Weinke
1097 N. Nelson Ridge Rd.
Columbus, Indiana 47201

Recording Secretary
Pamela DeGraw
7315 Rainbow Lane N.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Corresponding Secretary
Carolyn Phipps
308 Hickory Way
North Vernon, Indiana 46265

SGT At Arms
Morris Cole
400 Lexi Lane 
Knightstown, Indiana 46148